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Lepidoptera from Rancho Grande, Rondônia, Brasil

最新版本 由 Department of Forest Sciences 發佈於 Dec 18, 2015 Department of Forest Sciences

Old checklist of butterflies from Rancho Grande. This list which is published on the web site of Harald Schmitz is from an informal list George Austin prepared in collaboration with Tom Emmel and others. This list was one of several generated during the studies in the region to supplement and extend a published list (1990, Tropical Lepidoptera) for use by students and naturalists as a preliminary indication of the known species richness of butterflies at that site. Each iteration (the latest in 1997) updated and corrected previous lists with caveats of incompleteness in coverage and determination, and is not intended for publication. New information has been obtained subsequently with myriad corrections in identification, nomenclature and taxonomy. This means that the list is now almost obsolete as taxonomic resource, but still contains historical facts about perceived occurrence of species in the region. A new list is now (2005) being prepared for publication that, in many instances, bears little resemblance to the original list.

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此資源已向GBIF註冊,並指定以下之GBIF UUID: 7f23b626-ed2f-4c46-b522-60eed712bf0d。  Department of Forest Sciences 發佈此資源,並經由GBIF Finland同意向GBIF註冊成為資料發佈者。





George Austin
University of Nevada Las Vegas NV US


Hannu Saarenmaa
University of Helsinki, Department of Forest Sciences FI


Hannu Saarenmaa
University of Helsinki, Department of Forest Sciences FI


Tom Emmel
University of Florida US
Harald Schmitz
Pousada Rancho Grande Ariquemes Rondonia BR


Rondônia, Brasil

界定座標範圍 緯度南界 經度西界 [-10.32, -62.883], 緯度北界 經度東界 [-10.285, -62.865]



Order  Lepidoptera (Butterflies)